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Meaning of the Huia Feather

The sacred and majestic forest Huia bird, who once roamed Aotearoa, produced these beautiful feathers. Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand. 
A Māori symbol of nobility, leadership, and hierarchy, the white-tipped feathers were worn as headpieces by chiefs and mana. Mana is known as a superior or a person of authority over the land and people. 
A symbol of leadership, stature, and great pride, they were presented as gifts or offerings to those of high rank. 
A goodwill gesture bestowed upon a Duke by a senior Māori person sparked an international frenzy that ultimately played a part in them being wiped out.  
Sadly their song and existence came to its demise in the late 19th century after they became popular and in vogue to the international market. 
Today their song, reverence, symbolism, and story can be acknowledged by these handmade New Zealand earrings and necklaces.
An honor to the plight of a happy and beautiful species. 
The iconic huia bird of New Zealand