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New Zealand's Prized Māori Carvings

New Zealand is steeped in Māori heritage and culture. 

Carvings handmade of wood, stone, and bone are an expression of the sacred art of toi whakairo (art carving). The pieces are symbolic of Māori tribes who used them as tools, weapons, and spiritual guides. 

Each artist has a unique crafting skill and some of our artists are world-renowned. Carvers spend years honing their skills and it takes a lifetime to become a master carver. 

Every piece tells a story brought to life by the hands of the artist and the authenticity of the material. We endeavor to provide a showcase of wood, stone, and bone carvings to suit all tastes.

Unfortunately, lockdown as a result of COVID-19 has caused many artists to go out of business and shut shop. We are determined to keep the art alive by marketing these beautiful items globally. By purchasing these items you are assisting us in securing the future of these artists. Take a look at our site: www.zengifts.co.nz

Our featured product is the Toki Poutangata by Nick Balme. 


A stunning traditional Maori style Toki Poutangata with a bound flower jade blade, a  carved Kokopu jade handle and Paua shell inlays by Nick Spicer Balme.   
It sits gently on a wooden base.   

It stands 275mm (10.8 Inches) tall.    

This is a one of a kind collector's piece so will be removed from our gallery permanently when sold.    

Includes Free International Express Courier Delivery World Wide.       

The Toki Poutangata is a ceremonial adze used to make the first cuts when carving a sacred sculpture for a meeting house or felling a great tree used to carve a special Waka or great canoe.    
It is a symbol of authority and leadership within the tribe so was only carried by the chiefs and other very important members of a tribe so they became very sacred Taonga as they were passed down the generations.